Late Blog post!

Sorry guys, it’s been a crazy last few days.

Basically a lot of initiated  drunken summer shenanigans of school being out.

Most of this week has been recovery, relaxing, and (unpregnancy related) nesting. No babies for me unless they meow, and have whiskers.

In that time a lot of binge watching of Netflix has occurred.

Most of it contained my favorite shows— Friends, and How I Met Your Mother.

So, I wanted to clarify something; Basically to defend their honor to some degree.

The top two most hated characters of the shows:

Ross, and Ted.

I’ve seen Ross’s character torn in two of why he is the absolute worst, and I happen to disagree.

Ross Gellar is a breed of his own. He’s dedicated years of his life to a woman who turned out to be gay by having an affair with another woman she met at the gym.

An automatic reliance to trust a new relationship is to be expected. Granted, it should have been dropped sooner than he let on, but regardless it was maybe spoken of once in an episode. Ross, Phoebe, and Monica discuss Ross’s relationship history, and kind of realize why he is the way he is, and you can see the judgment fade, until someone pipes in for comedic relief.

For a guy with so much baggage, it makes him incredibly human.

Ross gets the chance to reopen an old door with the girl he was head over heels in love with from his college days, as she plops into his chair as a runaway bride. Rachel Green. Basically unspoken fate.

How could you not romanticize it?

With many attempts of trial and error, Ross and Rachel eventually happen. Now everyone immediately hates on him for how he treats Rachel but backup for a second.

Look at her track record:

  • Doesn’t realize she has feelings for Ross, until he’s with someone else
  • Drunkenly leaves him a voicemail telling him she’s over him #triggered
  • They both date new people immediately after they break up just to make the other jealous
  • She shows up at his freaking wedding to tell him she still loves him (insert Julia Roberts Best Friend’s Wedding)
  • She has Mark, the guy Ross has huge insecurities issues with over at her apartment after her and Ross start their ‘break’ (honestly I think she was more out of line than he was to some extent)
  • Rachel won’t let Ross join them on the skiing trip, and he drives all the way up there to help their broken down car, and she still didn’t want him coming
  • SO MANY REASONS WHY RACHEL SUCKS (that may be another blog post for another day)

Ross is imperfectly perfect, but that’s why we love him. He’s charismatic, passionate, risky, emotional, bitter and like all of us are, selfish, whether we want to admit it or not. It doesn’t take away his love for his friends, his loyalty, even to Rachel even they both constantly screw each other over, his ability to be selfless at the same time, and his honesty. All of these are qualities all of us have, but we still focus on what he did wrong first. Because he’s the guy that broke Rachel. I say whatever to that.

Now to the guy that gave us a contemporary Romeo: Ted Mosby.

Ted from How I Met Your Mother is the best friend with a heart of gold. The end of the series basically blew because it was framed that he was telling his entire life story of how he met his kid’s mother, but also to make getting back with Robin valid since the ‘love of his life died’……. when it was always Robin to begin with. Silly if you ask me.

You see Ted go through trial and error of finding the girl of his dreams, which I STILL think Victoria was the girl for him, and her reason of leaving was totally valid.

But the main reason he is the least liked of the show is because all of it was about Robin.

Hear me out:

I agree they shouldn’t have ended up together, especially because its like she’s the backup plan for the rest of his life.

But here are some qualities I think that redeem Ted regardless–

  • How much he loves his friends
  • How he’s willing to take these insane risks even if they don’t always work
  • His immense capacity to constantly love someone romantically/and unromantically
  • His passion for his career (kind of like Ross)
  • His undying bromance for Marshall, especially when Lily leaves him for a little bit
  • And just being a natural romantic 

Ted is the shining light we all need as a friend. Him and Ross are better than you think, rewatch the show with this perspective and see how much you change your mind.